Helios API/ Building transactions/

Signing and submitting a transactions


The finalized transaction can be signed by a wallet, for example using the CIP 30 dApp connector:

// in an async context

const response = await walletHandle.signTx(helios.bytesToHex(tx.toCbor()), true)

// extract the deserialized signatures
const signatures = helios.TxWitnesses.fromCbor(helios.hexToBytes(response)).signatures


Note: the bytesToHex and hexToBytes functions are provided by the Helios library as convenient and unambiguous ways to convert a byte-array between string hexadecimal format and raw lists of bytes.


After adding the wallet signatures to the transaction, the transaction can be submitted:

// in async context

// returns the hash of the tx
await walletHandle.submitTx(helios.bytesToHex(tx.toCbor()))