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Webpack loader

The Helios Webpack loader allows importing Helios scripts directly into Javascript/Typescript projects.


  • Catches Helios syntax and type errors during build time
  • Working with Helios sources directly allows using Helios IDE plugins
  • Automatically uses your current version of Helios (must be installed manually inside the repo where you configure webpack)
  • WiP: generates Typescript declarations for user-defined Helios types (Typescript declaration files are emitted inside the source directory)

Note: the Helios import syntax must use literal string relative paths instead of module names.


A Helios module:

// common.hl
module common

struct Datum {
    secret: Int

struct Redeemer {
    guess: Int

A Helios validator:

// contract.hl
spending contract 

import { Datum, Redeemer } from "./common.hl"

func main(datum: Datum, redeemer: Redeemer, _) -> Bool {
    datum.secret == redeemer.guess

Typescript off-chain code:

// index.ts
import Program from "./contract.hl"

const program = new Program()

const uplcProgram = program.compile(true)


The imported Program has the same methods as helios.Program.

Installation and configuration

Install the loader:

npm install --save-dev @hyperionbt/helios-loader

Configure Webpack, for example:

// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
	mode: "development",
	entry: "./index.ts",
	output: {
		path: __dirname + "/dist/"
	module: {
		rules: [
				test: /(?<!\.d)\.(ts|tsx)$/,
				exclude: /node_modules/,
				resolve: {
			  		extensions: [".ts", ".tsx"],
				use: [
                    // helios-loader AFTER ts-loader so it is able to 
                    //  import Helios scripts BEFORE ts-loader is called
				test: /\.(hl|helios)$/,
				exclude: /node_modules/,
				use: [
						loader: "@hyperionbt/helios-loader",
						options: {
                            // must be true when importing Helios scripts in Typescript
							emitTypes: true 


The Helios Webpack loader repository can be found on github.